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Trick Shots with

Byron Ferguson

Byron became infatuated with the bow and arrow at the age of 12 and began working as a bricklayer's helper to earn money to purchase his first recurve. Now famous for his coin trick, Byron once shot eight dimes in a row out of the air. He uses no sights or other gadgets when he shoots. He developed his style of shooting by sitting in a totally dark room and shooting out the flames of candles. Splitting a playing card in half - from the side - is one of Byron's favorite tricks. The most difficult shot of Byron's career came while performing on the television show Super People in Tokyo when he shot an arrow through a diamond ring. Without knowing about the trick and without any practice, Byron made a perfect shot.

Byron strongly believes in Howard Hill's philosophy: If you want to become a good archer then you should learn the bow and let your body become an extension of the bow. If you want to become a great archer, you should let your body become the arrow. 
When he began shooting, he did not have to worry about hitting the paper target on a bale of hay - he could not even hit the hay.

Byron is a show favorite, attracting not only avid bowhunters and archers, but whole families. One of the major reasons he shoots a longbow is because it has so much romance tied to it. Longbows are traceable to the cavemen and have been praised in songs, poems and stories since the dawn of mankind.

Seminar Schedule Times
Friday, August 2nd: 4pm
Saturday, August 3rd @ 3pm
Sunday, August 4th @ 10:30am

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