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Why OUR Shows Work


Great Location

The Meadow Event Park in Caroline County, Virginia, was once a family farm and is now a multi-purpose venue — it is home to the State Fair of Virginia and other notable events.


Located just minutes from Richmond and Fredericksburg, an easy drive from Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach and a straight shot from the D.C. area, The Meadow Event Park attracts guests from throughout the commonwealth.

The 331-acre property is rich in history and features a mixture of newly constructed facilities and original structures. Thoroughbred racing legend Secretariat was born here in 1970. Three years later he blazed his way into Triple Crown history. Today his birthplace is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register. 


Outstanding Advertising

As the old saying goes “you have to spend money to make money”. This has never been truer than in relation to producing a successful consumer show. You could have the biggest and best show in the world but if people don’t know about it you will not attract the consumer you’re trying to reach.  Some small businesses try to skimp on advertising. In the short run they may save a few dollars …. in the long run they will fail.  Over the past 34 years the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman's Show has relied almost exclusively on direct mail.  In 2017 our proven formula included spending substantial amounts of money on: TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Internet/Web, Social Media, and E-mail Marketing.  We increased the advertising budget by 400%,  and our hard work paid off....we had a fantastic show with the best attendance in years....over 12,000 people!



Why Shows Work


Face to Face

There is no better way to sell than face to face. Period. Traditional advertising methods are great for reaching large numbers of prospective customers but ultimately it’s up to the consumer to take action. They still have to pick up the phone, visit your place of business, website, or contact you as a response to your advertising. The internet has certainly changed the way people shop. It has given buyers tools to find and compare companies in minutes in the comfort of their own homes. But they still can’t touch or feel products. And most importantly there are always questions.  Exhibitors at our events have the opportunity to address these questions.   Think about the billions of dollars automobile manufacturers and dealers spend each year on advertising: radio, television, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, internet, and yet it all still comes down to one thing…their desire to get you into the dealership to sit down face-to-face with a salesperson.


Really Being Able to Sell

Wouldn’t it be great to advertise your products or services and have people call or email you to place orders?  Sure, that happens sometimes but it’s not how most companies do business. Most people need to have details, information, and have questions answered before they make a decision to buy, especially in today’s tough economic times.  That’s why an exhibit at the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show puts your product and service directly in front of potential customers.   Most salespeople know they have to work extra hard to actually SELL a potential new customer. They need to be in a position to convince potential customers why they should buy your product, why it’s better than what your competitors offer, why it’s worth the money, and why they should buy NOW. The ability to overcome objections is paramount to selling any product. A good salesperson must be able to READ a potential customer’s reaction, expressions and body language in order to close a sale. If all products sold themselves there wouldn’t be any salespeople  -  just order takers.


Qualified Prospects

Suppose you charged potential customers a fee just to find out more about your product or service?  What if you charged them $10.00 to visit your office, showroom, or website just for the privilege of being able to buy from you?  You probably wouldn’t have too many takers. But the few people who would pay for that privilege would be highly qualified.  That’s exactly what happens every year at the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show.

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