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LIVE Rattlesnake Show

You'll be thrilled and fascinated to see Dave Richardson handling these live rattlers. He is a true showman and comic has been traveling for 27 years, educating and entertaining crowds all over the country. He maintains a perfect safety record, having NEVER been bitten and his western diamondback rattlesnakes, affectionately referred by him as his "Little Texans" are rescue snakes. They are kept for one show season and then returned to the vicinity where they came from on safe, private land. Then Dave collects new snakes from the wild and works as a true "snake whisperer" to get them ready for "showtime"!

The West Texas Rattlesnake show is sure to thrill and fascinate you as Rattlesnake Dave performs within his 11 ft. octogonal safety glass case as the "Best Venomous Snake Performer" in the country today!


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